Lingerie: Colors and Fabrics


The most commonly sold and used colors in lingerie are black, red and white. It seems like the majority of women seem to be able to pull off wearing these traditional lingerie colors. But when we look at the colors themselves, and the effect they have of the shape of your body, these are the basic rules:

– Dark colors, may it be the classic black, but also dark red, dark blue, or any other darker tones, tend to be slimming.

– Lighter colors seem to widen a bit, so ensure you understand the effect it might give. As an example, you can afford to wear white stockings if you have skinny legs.

– Keeping the same color from head to toe will also help you look slimmer.


Lace, satin, silk and velvet are probably the safest fabrics when it comes to buying lingerie. They are very sensual, feminine and classy. They are also usually really comfortable, and feel nice to the touch, and of course to the body.

On the other hand, PVC and leather lingerie can be a bit more difficult. Given that they are not as flexible as we’d like, it can create bulges in some areas, and we’d all prefer to avoid that. PVC and leather still make good fabrics for lingerie… we simply have to be more careful when it comes to sizing.

Lycra and Spandex can be really flattering for slim women. Other types of women should be a bit more careful though, as it can draw attention to bulges they have been wanting to hide.

See-through fabric can also be a bit to daring for some women. One must feel comfortable with her body to accept to expose it even through the fabric.

So, hope you enjoy these tips. And remember, the rule of thumb here is to choose colors and fabrics that you are comfortable with, and that accentuates your best assets.


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