Lingerie Colors

When shopping/purchasing a new piece of lingerie, not only should you be taking into consideration the style of the lingerie item, but also you should pay attention to its color. You should try to pick a color that will flatter your hair and skin tone. Below are a few tips that may help you.

White: White suits almost any skin/hair type, most especially brunettes. Please keep in mind though that white can tend to make you appear a bit larger than if you were wearing black.

Black: You cannot go wrong with black. It suits any women, regardless of their hair/skin color. Keep in mind that contrast is always a good way to go, so blondes and redheads look particularly great in black.

Red: Red is also a color that tends to suit almost every skin/hair type… all except redheads. Great for fair and medium skin.

Blue: Blue suits most hair/skin types, but looks especially great on blondes and medium skin.

Pink: Dark skinned women (may it be natural or simply a good sun tan) will love the effect pink gives them. Redhead should avoid this color though while all other women can get something out of pink.

Pastels: Pastel colors (such as lavender, plum, soft green, soft pink, etc) look especially great on dark skin.

Brown & Orange: Should be avoided by medium or dark skin.


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