Bodyzone 2009 Collection

April 30, 2009

Hello lingerie lovers!

Bodyzone’s 2009 Collection is out, and they have some great new models available for sale. Here are a few:




18+ Sexy Lingerie Parties

March 7, 2009

Don’t you wish there were any such sexy lingerie parties (as in the video below) hosted in your city? Hot girls wearing sexy lingerie and strutting around, teasing everyone…  🙂

As far as Montreal goes, Monde Osé is hosting the sexiest parties in town almost every 2 month. Their biggest is the well known Bal Erotique that takes place every August. You can watch their 2008 Bal Erotique‘s video in a previous post right here:

And here’s a video I found on You Tube of a very, very sexy 18+ Sexy Lingerie party hosted somewhere in the states. I bet everone present will remember that night for a long long time!!! 😉

Here are some pictures of Monde Ose’s latest party, Bal Burlesque, on February 13th 2009.

Bal Burlesque 2009

Bal Burlesque 2009

Bal Burlesque 2009

Bal Burlesque 2009

Bal Burlesque 2009

Bal Burlesque 2009


Bal Burlesque 2009

Bal Burlesque 2009

5 Tips for Online Lingerie Shopping

February 26, 2009

 – from


Sexy lingerie can be a great way to spice up your relationship, and it can leave you looking and feeling great. The choices can range from elegant & glamorous to sexy and daring. When you shop online, your choices are limitless.  Why go online? Here are some benefits of shopping lingerie online

Greater convenience– The first benefit is that you save a lot of time by physially going to retail stores to buy a few pieces of lingerie. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily complete your purchase with very little hassle. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and a valid credit card, and you can shop for a variety of lingeries.


Greater savings– Online lingerie retailers often run regular promotions to encourage new and existing customers to buy more. This is especially true during the holiday season. Sometimes, shipping may also be waived for the holiday season.


Wider selection– Sometimes, when you visit a retail store, certain products or designs may not be on display due to lack of rack space or some other reason. This will not happen to an online store. You can easily choose from a wide selection of women lingerie, and place your order immediately.


Ease of browsing–  Many women lingerie online retailers make it easy for consumers to browse the lingerie that they have on sale. The shopping catalog comes complete with professionally taken photographs of lingerie models, and you can even click on the images for a close-up look if you want. This will help make your buying decision easier.


Ease of purchase – Besides having secure credit card purchasing, you can also expect to have your customer information stored on the website.  Once your information has been successfully stored on the website, you don’t need to ever fill up those fields again. The next time you shop online for women lingerie, the website actually remembers you and fills in all the information automatically for you. 


Latest Fashions – As the website is a very powerful communication tool, the latest lingerie are usually posted for sale online very quickly. Hence, you can be assured that you get the latest lingerie designs from online retailers.


Agent Provocateur: Lingerie Catwalk

October 5, 2008

What a naughty show Agent Provocateur is giving us in the video! Super sexy models showcasing revealing lingerie… a recipe for success 🙂

It’s Lingerie Paradise’s new look

August 22, 2008

Good morning Lingerie Lovers!


Hope the summer is treating you good and that you had plenty of opportunities to put your charm to work J


For those who may not have noticed yet, we changed the looks of our website about a week ago. We are eager to hear your comments about our new face, so please feel free to share them in the box below this post. Our goal is to provide you with what you need and are looking for.

 It's Lingerie Paradise

– We have implemented a few changes to our website, and this is a constant a work in progress. We will be adding tons of cool and sensual accessories to help spice up your lingerie outfits, as well as your relationships.


– We will also be posting, on an ongoing basis, lots of useful articles that treat the subject of lingerie, sensuality and seduction in our Sensual Tips & Tricks page.


– In the near future, we will also be implementing a Customer Photo Contest, giving you a chance to become one of our Monthly Lingerie Superstars. So get to your camera, have fun doing a short photo shoot and take some pictures of yourself wearing some of our lingerie items. More information will be release as we’ll be getting ready to launch this great contest. Prizes will be awarded to each monthly winner.


We sincerely hope you enjoy what we have to offer so far, and that you’ll be as excited as we move along and add new features and items.


Once again, we are eager to hear from you. Drop us a comment, simply say Hi!… or anything you’d like. This blog is made for YOU!


Thanks, and keep flirting! J

Sensualle Brazil – Fully Adjustable Brazilian Lingerie Line

July 16, 2008

Good morning lingerie lovers!



Hope summer is treating you well 🙂


While it is warm and sunny, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite revealing lingerie line: Sensualle Brazil.


Sensualle Brazil began in 1998 with only 2 employees but now employes more then 30 employees and has 4 retail stores spread out in  Rio de Janeiro and Nova Friburgo. The owner/designer, Paulo Mauricio Nascimento Pinto, has a very unique style and uses only the highest quality materials, gemstones and jewely accents in his designs. You have never seen lingerie like this before.


What I love the most about their designs is that they are One Size, but fully adjustable (with the exception of some of their thongs though).  You can adjust them around the straps at the shoulders and waist for a unique PERFECT FIT. Of course, given these are typical brazilian pieces, you must be comfortable with g-tring backs.  


Sensualle Brazil must be one of the sexiest and most exotic lingerie line I have come to deal with. I was extremely pleased when I receive my first order and got to touch and feel their items, which are gorgeous and of high quality.


Below are a few of my favorite styles, that we carry in our Paradise Lounge and available for sale during our private and group consultations (Lingerie Parties).

Sensualle Cascavel

Sensualle Cascavel


Sensualle Felina

Sensualle Felina


Sensualle Body Ardente

Sensualle Body Ardente


Sensualle Fiel

Sensualle Fiel


Sensualle Derriere

Sensualle Derriere


July 12, 2008

Hmmm… sexy angels wearing revealing lingerie outfits. All yours to enjoy 🙂